Anna’s 2022 Holiday & Birthday Wish List

And so we meet again. The gift list that seems to pop up every year, ;). My list is shorter than usual. This has been the year of asking myself, “Do I really need this?”. Instead of purchasing my wishes immediately throughout the year, I wrote them in my Notes app. Days, and soon weeks would pass, and I noticed I didn’t have the same urge to purchase as I once did. Cheers to minimizing clutter, finding new use for old items in my house and saving money. 

Help me decide which items to purchase in the list that remains! Plus, if this sparks joy for anyone else to purchase a gift for themselves or someone else, my job is done. Enjoy!

Georgetown Cupcake mixes. Did we talk about how I once lived in Washington, D.C. and snuck over to the adorable streets of Georgetown to devour their cupcakes any chance I could? Baking soothes me too. It has turned into quite the therapeutic experience.

Timeless dinner napkins & napkin rings. As much as I like buying fun paper napkins for each occasion, it’d be nice to have a go-to formal napkin. 

The Body Shop body butter.  You have to stock up on thick lotion for the winter if you live in Wisconsin, right? And anything rose scented is a win. 

Acupressure mat. Stepping up my health game means buying things of this nature & hoping they help! Would love to try this for stress relief & muscle relaxation. 

Electric piano. I’ve wanted to play piano for FOREVER. It all started when I heard my mom’s side of the family grew up singing loudly around one. Also my grandma went to school for piano & organ, so whenever I went to her house, I’d get to play around on the keys. Time to play on my own!

Aerie down to earth sweatshirt. Hygge level = 10/10.

New curling iron. Should probably wear my hair curly sometime soon! Has been a minute. 

Capri BLUE Volcano Candle & Diffuser Oil: The best scent. Ever. Ideal gift for anyone unsure of what to get someone. What girl doesn’t love this scent?! Still have never owned the candle. I have the diffuser oil & want to stock up because it’s so good. Fingers crossed.

[Main image taken at Jasper National Park in Canada.]

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