Must Have Purchases for South America Travel

When we traveled to South America earlier this year, I’m so thankful we traveled with these things. Consider adding these to your shopping carts before heading on a plane! I wouldn’t consider this a full packing list, by the way. 

Microfiber towels | Trying to forget that we thought bringing giant beach towels on a vacation to Costa Rica was a good idea. We learned our lesson. For this trip, we purchased large microfiber towels, which were perfect for beach days.

Supergoop SPF | This bestsellers starter kit is PERFECT for travel. Depending on what we’re doing in a given day, I can swap out the sunscreen product. Minimal scent. Cute packaging. Can barely feel that it’s on. 

Money belt | We used this every single day in Brazil. Can never be too safe. 

Hanging toiletry bag | Consider this one of my favorite purchases in recent years. Genuinely wondering how I lived without this. It’s great to pack up simply by folding & zipping this into place. It made switching lodging locations a breeze. 

Elevation pills | These are an absolute must if you’re visiting Cusco or Machu Picchu. Even if you don’t think you need them, get them anyways. 

Probiotics | I’ve learned to take these in the morning whenever I travel outside of the country. It helps with digestion.

Bandana | If you’re visiting Paracas Ica, you’ll want one. Everyone has them there. And if not for the aesthetic, get it to keep the desert sand out of your face. 

Claw clips | The weather seemed a little more unpredictable during my trip. Loved having these in case it got too muggy to keep my hair down. 

Power adapter | Recommend getting several of these. We had a bunch and used them at the same time… had to fuel laptops, phones, etc. all at once. 

Sleeping mask | While the time difference was pretty minimal for us, sometimes we needed to bust out a nap here or there while it was still light out. Plus, investing in a good one for all flights to come is a good idea.

[Main picture taken at Paracas Ica, Peru.]

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