On Anna’s Mind: HitchSwitch, Nespresso, Kiddie Pools & More

I’m loving this trend of mini blog posts. Straightforward thoughts on a few topics. Let’s do it. 

Beach Picnics | Recently Eugene and I headed to Lake Michigan for an impromptu summer date night. We grabbed some Taco Bell to go (duh), and headed to the shore. It was such a good reminder that “dating” your spouse is something that should never stop, and that dates don’t need to cost a million dollars to be fun.

HitchSwitch | Ran into a gal last week who was worried about changing her name after recently getting married. Immediately gave her advice to use HitchSwitch. Even just the cheapest option saved me so much time and energy. HitchSwitch makes it super easy to understand what the process and steps are. You receive pre-populated forms and a to do list in the correct order. I certainly could’ve figured it out myself but after planning a wedding and honeymoon I was just about exhausted. It’s totally worth every penny. By the way, in case you wanted to creep on my wedding content, check it out!

Nespresso cold brew | You probably already know that I’m obsessed with my Nespresso machine. I’m even more obsessed with the fact that it can make cold brew. Just add ice cubes. Perfect for those hot summer days. If you’re not already aware of my Nespresso obsession, let me guide you. We purchased our Nespresso machine at the beginning of the pandemic. When the world seemed crazy, I wanted something to look forward to. I also was trying to stop purchasing coffee outside of the house as much. Our coffee maker also came with a frother, which produces the most luxe froth. I usually add Ashwaganda or collagen powder to the milk before frothing. Anywho, with just two people in my household, I didn’t feel the need to get a coffee pot. These single capsules make for the perfect cup of coffee exactly when you want it. The machine takes about 20 seconds to prep and then spits out your coffee in about a minute. The quality of Nespresso coffee is incredible. I feel like I don’t deserve it sometimes. My parents actually come over specifically to drink my coffee. Who knows if they actually want to see me but I have a hunch that’s a part of it too. But let’s be real, the first thing they ask when they come in the door is if they can have some coffee. 😉

Kiddie pool | Recently I made the plunge and purchased this small pool. I used it twice, and I’m not looking back. It’s perfect for just chilling in as an adult this summer. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing pool, but it gets the job done. Love that it’s ten feet long. I put my lounge floaty in there and relaxed away. You will love your new oasis. Promise. 

Say Yes | I said yes to speaking at my all department meeting (pictured). It was the best. Say yes to the crazy things.

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