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Better late than never, right? Sharing all that 2021 had in store for me with you.

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January | Started my addiction to Peloton. My gym had two bikes that I visited religiously. I ended up purchasing some cycling shoes to up my game.

February | Started seeing a new chiropractor, and boy, has my quality of living increased dramatically. Love you, Dr. B. Also found a new esthetician that nails it every time.

March | Visited my gal pal Bekka in Madison for a weekend. It was really what this girl needed.

April | Took home the state champion title with my high school dance team! Couldn’t be more proud of them.

May | Lived in Costa Rica just about the entire month. I told my husband, “I”m going with or without you.” He ended up joining. 😉

June | Capped off my Costa Rica travels with a bachelorette party for my friend, Hannah, in Cancun! Not to mention my dear Bekka got MARRIED! Still not over that it happened.

July | Being home for two weeks was about two weeks too long, so naturally we booked a trip to New Orleans. I stopped back home to get LASIK, and then headed on some more planes to enjoy Texas.

August | August meant cabin week in Door County! Loved spending this uninterrupted time with my family.

September | Our Hannah got married in Vegas followed by an epic Ryder Cup week!

October | One week in Door County wasn’t enough; I headed there again in October for Anna’s bachelorette.

November | You guessed it- it was now time for Anna’s wedding. Oh, and the travel bug was biting strong. We visited Canada during Thanksgiving break.

December | We rounded out the year with a quick trip to Mexico for a wedding. Lastly, I turned 30 and tried to talk myself out of quarter life crises. However, one of my favorite gifts was the ability to dance one song in my dance team’s Christmas themed routine. It was probably one of my favorite presents. Ever.

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