Anna’s 2021 Holiday & Birthday Wish List

This is a BIG birthday year- the big 3-0. Since my birthday is five days before Christmas, the two events naturally blend together. Which is usually fine. But this year has been absolutely nuts, and I plan to actually shop for MYSELF as a treat. Help me decide which items in the list below I should get! Plus, if this sparks joy for anyone else to purchase a gift for themselves or someone else, my job is done. Enjoy!

Summer Dreamin’

Summer door wreath. In Eugene’s culture, wreaths signal death. And to hang that on our front door? He wasn’t a fan. But I reassured him that in the states that wreaths are also meant to be front stoop decor as well. I’ve purchased a few seasonal wreaths & have yet to get one for the summer.

String lights for camping. My sister, Maggie, has the cutest string lights in her tent. Therefore I need them. Hanging flashlights from our tent roof just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

Freestanding fan. We live in an almost 100-year-old home. The HVAC system is nice but doesn’t always reach the top level. On hot summer nights, sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable. Time to upgrade the summer sleeping situation.

A La Kitchen

Champagne bucket. Anna x Tattinger- a dream collab. I’d like to elevate my champagne drinking experience. Right now I’ve been placing bottles in cute vases with ice packs at the bottom. It works. But because I know it’s fake it just feels weird? Let’s get the real thing.

Nice wine glasses. Right now our wine glasses are all hand-me-downs… would be amazing to have our own set.

Ice cream attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Need I say more?

Bar set. Time to up my cocktail game! What I would do for a strainer.

Home Goods

Candle snuffer and candle wick cutter. Can never have too many.

Olive and June Poppy Manicure Tool: Never got to buying this tool since it was on my wish list last year. And every time I give myself a manicure, I have a minute of grief for not buying this thing already. I’ve always been decent with at-home manicures but something about the pandemic has me making the most of spa-like moments at home. This small tool will make at-home manicures a breeze.

Gold taper candle holders: This still remains on the list from last year. Currently, we only have clear taper candle holders from our wedding, but I wish we had some height. These will give height and elegance to our dining room table.

Capri BLUE Volcano Candle & Diffuser Oil: The best scent. Ever. Ideal gift for anyone unsure of what to get someone. What girl doesn’t love this scent?! Still have never owned the candle. I have the diffuser oil & want to stock up because it’s so good. Fingers crossed.

Jenga. Recently Eugene & I have had the biggest craving for slowing down in life. Especially on the weekends. We were gifted the Hygge game, which has been a game changer for get togethers. So much so that we want more things like it.

[Main image taken in Lake Louise in Canada.]

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