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Let me tell you a little secret about myself: I used to be a beauty blogger back in college for a medical spa in my college hometown. At that time I was able to try out so many different skin care products & treatments and learned about a little something called a chemical peel and received several but then skipped on them for years. I started getting into facials again right before my wedding but never leaned into chemical peels. Then, cue 2020, and the year wreaked havoc on my skin (and hair). This meant intense treatments were needed. After searching high and low for an affordable & approachable technician, I met Katy of Unfiltered Beauty Bar in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Join me for my second chemical peel at Unfiltered! 

Chemical Peels- What the What? 

A chemical peel is a type of exfoliation to treat concerns like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and breakouts. It typically lasts about 20 minutes and uses specific, high-grade products generally only found at spas or places that give facials. I received a 1.5 hour long facial: the first hour included a regular facial, and the second part consisted of the chemical peel.

The facial & peel process: 

  1. Regular facial came up-to-bat first. This included a double cleanse, steam with exfoliant, extractions, a customized mask with scalp/shoulder/hand/arm & foot/leg massage.
  2. To start the peel, Katy applied a barrier balm on any sensitive parts of the face (brows, under eye, lips, corners of nose, by the ears).
  3. Then we did two passes of a peel prep to completely “de-grease” the skin. This removes residue, allowing the peel to work its magic.
  4. My first peel in the treatment contained the holy glycolic acid to smooth my skin. After this, the appointment is completely customized based on skin-type & past peel experience.
  5. Get this- you get a second peel in the process too. My second peel contained a lower percentage of salicylic acid which is great for those random breakouts. It also included lactic acid. To top it off, the skin is neutralized to stop the exfoliation process and is followed by using serums, moisturizer and SPF. 

Katy and I started my first chemical peel experience a few months ago with lighter grade products to ease into it. For my second visit to Unfiltered, we agreed to take it up another notch with a higher grade. In the second peel, I felt a little discomfort but nothing that wasn’t expected. After all, the purpose of the treatment is to literally remove the top layers of the skin. I would describe the discomfort as heat & tingly.  In the days that have followed the second peel, my skin has felt tight, which is good as it means the peel is doing its job. 

The Guru Behind the Chemical Peel- Katy

LITERALLY the sweetest little thing on this side of Lake Michigan. We grew up in the same city and went to high school around the same time yet never ran into each other. By fate, facials brought us together, and I could not be more ecstatic that I have found an esthetician within an hour radius that I trust with my long-term skincare goals. Not to mention we could probably chat for hours even without an appointment. Yet the girl knows when to be quiet during the appointment for relaxation and when to chat, which is super important to me. She feeds off whatever vibes I throw her.

Something I really value in life is living within my means. Skincare is important to me, but I don’t want it to break the bank. I truly appreciate her pricing structure as it’s very reasonable. Quick story: I told her about my friend who was looking for skincare help but didn’t want to be bombarded by someone who simply wants to sell products. My love for Katy grew as she replied, “I totally get where she is coming from. I literally don’t let clients buy more than two products at a time.” Like, how genuine is that?!

Most importantly, she’s got this magical esthetician’s touch. I hope this doesn’t come off as too weird, ha! But you know when you get a massage and it’s just THE BEST? Because the masseuse knows where and how to touch you? Katy is THIS but for facials. During my first facial with her I actually almost fell asleep…

Want to Visit Unfiltered Beauty Bar?

If you visit Katy at Unfiltered Beauty Bar and let her know I sent you, you’ll receive $10 off your first facial. Did I mention her pricing is super affordable? She generally runs specials, making services even more budget-friendly. 

What I’ve gotten so far: 60-minute facials & chemical peels. 
What I want to get next: Facial with a hydro jelly mask add-on! 

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