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Without reminding you all of how insane 2020 was, let’s dive right into some of the good that came from it. For me, one of the highlights of 2020 was launching this blog. I officially said YES to the journey in late winter. Little did I know it would be one of the things to keep my mind off of everything happening in the world around us. This little Internet nook provides me so much clarity and laser focus. And thats why I’m here to quickly recap some of the highlights of the year, because it felt right to close the year with one of the things that brought me the most joy: blogging. We’ll go over some of my personal life highlights and also some data pointing to what all of YOU liked the most.

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January | Wrapped up our honeymoon in Hawaii. We took a whopping 18- day honeymoon, traveling to the four key islands.

February | Moved into our house & traveled to Mexico in the same week. Pure insanity.

March | Participated in our first styled shoot in Milwaukee. You should have SEEN the photos I sent my friend, Megen, from my work dressing room before heading to the shoot because the dresses arrived in the mail just a few hours before I left work for Milwaukee. Had to pick out the dress so quickly, but I think it was a winner. Minus wearing it in freezing temps.

April | Started our three season room renovation. 

May | Decided on a whim to foster a kitten from the Humane Society named Timmy & said goodbye to one of Eugene’s favorite friends, Rena, who moved to the other side of the country.

June | Camped in Door County & felt like we needed to foster another kitten. This one was named Oscar. Fun fact: the Humane Society told us Oscar was a boy, and then right before Oscar was adopted they determined Oscar was a girl. We now refer to the cat as “Oscarita.”

July | Found lots of reflection during hiking & being outdoors. My mom came over for lots of morning coffee dates in my 3-seasons room between working out and getting her day going– always a good day when it starts with Mama.

August | Launched this blog & visited the family cabin. Read my first ever blog post!

September | Spent a quick weekend in the Twin Cities. Minnesota oddly feels like home to me.

October | Received my first Keratin hair treatment by Amber at Shear Beauty! Also celebrated my dad’s retirement. Cheers to the hardest working man and thank you always for giving me this beautiful life.

November | Relaxed on a tropical beach. Someday I’ll get to writing a post about traveling internationally during a pandemic.

December | Drove to Minnesota for a mini-getaway. My husband, Eugene, went downhill skiing for the first time! Oh, and we decorated our first Christmas tree in our new home. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so decorating our first-ever home with all of the red and gold accents brought all the pure happiness.

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