Anna’s 2020 Holiday & Birthday Wish List

Normally I approach my birthday just like another day. It’s too much of a hassle to make it seem like my birthday (December 20) is a separate event from Christmas. Not to worry as I am fine with this approach. This means I combine my birthday and holiday wish lists. Unlike this gloomy year, I’ve made a point to compile all the happy things that have caught my eye over the past few months. If this sparks joy for anyone else to purchase a gift for themselves or someone else, my job is done. Enjoy!

Calm puzzle: Can you believe that we don’t own any puzzles? Spotted this gift at Wal-Mart.

Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes: Never have I ever splurged on my own cycling shoes. At the gym, I sport my own tennis shoes, and at the cycling studio, I pay the few bucks to rent cycling shoes. With the pandemic, renting shoes feels a little out of the question.

Liquid Palisade Polish Barrier: Sounds so weird, but it’s not. It’s liquid nail tape. Paint it around your nails before your manicure, paint, let dry, and then the best part: simply peel off the liquid barrier for a professional mani look! No more mishaps or leftover polish on your fingers around the nails.

Olive and June Poppy Manicure Tool: I’ve always been decent with at-home manicures but something about the pandemic has me making the most of spa-like moments at home. This small tool will make at-home manicures a breeze.

Samsung Soundbar: If we’re going to spend a ton on electronics, like a TV, why not get this additional item to make it the best experience?

Gua Sha Stone: Or as Eugene called it, “a pet rock.” It’s definitely more than a pet rock… it’s meant to firm skin through massage. This small wellness habit will have me looking good for decades, I hope.

Wilton Donut Pans: The ability to make donuts at home would be everything. Eagerly wanting to make apple cider donuts on my own next fall.

Small first-aid kit: Other than a few Band-Aids, we don’t really carry a first-aid kit while outdoors. We should probably change that.

Gold charger plates: Timeless. Beautiful. Need this gift for my tablescapes.

Gold taper candle holders: Currently, we only have clear taper candle holders from our wedding, but I wish we had some height. These will give height and elegance to our dining room table.

Akurn measuring set: Homegirl has been using a neon green measuring set since college. Some of the handles have fallen off. Upgrade, please. We got a few from our wedding, but it’s so nice to have another set when making something in the kitchen!

Free People Beret: Polished and adorable. Need I say more? Oh, and I’ve never owned anything from Free People. Isn’t that considered a sin?

Carhartt Tool Belt: Let’s be real- this present isn’t for me, but it will make my life a whole lot better. Right now, when the hubby completes house projects, I am his tool belt. I hand him everything. I’d love the ability to do other things while he works on projects, ;).

KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Attachment: My dad has this set. He recently taught me how to make pasta, and I must have my own. Although it’s pricey, it’ll last a while, and it was so calming to take a slow moment and make the pasta by hand. Plus, it tasted way better than store-bought pasta, of course.

Express Slingback Heel: Ever since I discovered I have arthritis in my left toe, I’ve felt the need to have lower heels and comfier fancy shoes. Size 8 for this gal.

Capri BLUE Volcano Candle: The best smelling candle. Ever. Ideal gift for anyone unsure of what to get someone. What girl doesn’t love this scent?!

Riviera Hair Clips: My signature look was a high bun. Until March 2020. But during quarantine, I’ve been attempting to take better care of my hair (read my Keratin treatment post). These clips allow me to pull my hair up without so much breakage.

[Main image taken in Switzerland.]

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