Keratin Hair Treatment with Shear Beauty in Milwaukee

About a month ago I headed to Milwaukee to be pampered by Amber of Shear Beauty for some hair love. I met Amber through my blog and wanted to check out some of her services. For my first appointment with Amber I opted for a Keratin treatment. 

About the Hair Treatment

Since I’ve never had a Keratin treatment before, I had to do a little research before heading in. Amber’s web description said, “KERATIN EXPRESS BLOW OUT: Eliminate frizz, cuts down daily styling time for up to 6 weeks.” The treatment reminds me of getting highlights. The stylist coats each strand with the elixir and then pins away while the rest of the head is being worked on. The only thing that was a bit different was that at the end, the stylist uses a flat iron to seal in the Keratin. None of my friends talk about getting this done, so I was a little skeptical going into it. However, post appointment, I can confirm:

  • Frizz is at a minimum. Bye bye, frizzy hair. I mean, look at that before picture above. Ick.
  • Blow drying takes way less time. Blow dry time= in half.
  • WAY less snarls, which means less time detangling #BESTPART
  • Hair is feeling lighter than ever. It has never felt this light while being longer than my shoulders.

Will I continue this service every six weeks? Probably not, only because I have a feeling it will last much longer than that. Amber ensured each section of my head was coated well with the treatment. I’ll likely continue the treatment throughout the winter months when my thin, long hair is the most brittle and annoying. Can you imagine a January without any frizz?! Looking forward to that. Including tip, the service cost less than $100 and lasted less than two hours. My treatment is still intact and helping my hair shine and feel healthy. Did I mention that it is not so tangled?! The service was worth it even just for that. I used to DREAD hair wash days because they usually consisted of me crying while combing my hair knots out post-shower. Not anymore!

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About Amber & The Salon

Amber’s website was super user-friendly and easy to use. I picked my service, day, and then time. The week of the appointment Amber sent an email explaining some basic things like where to park and what to expect. I thought that was really helpful  and have never gotten this from another salon. Thank goodness the email included parking information because it was a little confusing trying to figure out where to go at first glance. Once we parked, it was a tad confusing figuring out which door to go in and Amber came to save me, LOL.

The day of the appointment, I was having some car troubles and was in the shop worried I’d have to miss the appointment. Amber completely understood and even had her hubby invested in making sure I was okay! I ended up being about 20 minutes late, but again, Amber was the most gracious gal about it. Once inside the salon, Amber was already for me. The salon was very tidy, and we both wore masks. I was the only client in the salon that evening. In total, the salon only has five chairs for clients, which made me feel very safe. This was one of the most COVID-friendly service industry appointment I have had all year.

Amber made me feel like a million bucks during the appointment, ensuring I was comfortable and happy. We talked about anything and everything- the woman is an open book. It made the time go past so quickly. Not only was she an absolute delight, she also was also extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She thoroughly explained her expertise and the service to a tee. Looking forward to seeing Amber again this winter!

If you’d like to visit Amber, let her know I sent you for $20 off your first appointment!

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