First Came Love, Then Came Donuts

Besides claiming the city of Milwaukee where we would wed, Eugene, my husband, adamantly insisted that wedding donuts were the way to go. And so we made sure donuts made an appearance on the big day!

After searching for the best donuts in Milwaukee, Holey Moley stole our hearts for three simple reasons: 

  1. The shop was located around the corner from our wedding venue. A groomsman delivered the donuts to the venue the morning of the wedding! 
  2. The donuts were SO filling. We loved that people wouldn’t really need more than one donut. We purchased MUCH more than one donut per guest, but this way we knew each bite would be worth it.
  3. Holey Moley allowed us to taste test one dozen donuts before booking, and they deducted the tasting from our final bill. Speaking of the final bill, it was reasonably priced. I’ll never forget my husband delivering the dozen donuts to me and my sister to enjoy for a Sunday morning breakfast.

The flavor selection is insane. We went with these delectable ones:

  • Raspberry old fashioned
  • Vanilla glazed chocolate cake
  • Vanilla glazed vanilla cake
  • Cookies and cream
  • Chocolate peanut butter cup

10/10 would recommend Holey Moley for any occasion. Still dreaming of the raspberry old fashioned ones.

Post photography by Stephanie Marie Photography and Design

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