Wedding Registry | Most Used Gifts In Year One

Picking what to put on a wedding registry is so tough. We planned our wedding in nine months from engagement to wedding. For others it’s much longer (what will you want in over a year for gifts?!) or shorter (gosh, I just need to get this up and running!). We tried to be as realistic as possible while also adding touches of things that would be fun. We received SO MANY thoughtful gifts, and lots of them aren’t linkable. For instance, my mom got me the sweetest Christmas-themed baking basket at my shower, but I can’t link it. I’ve rounded up our registry picks that can be linked that we’ve used time and time again within our first year of marriage in our new home.

Top 3 Kitchen Registry Picks

  • KitchenAid Mixer. I’ve used it maybe once a month with the intention to use it more. This is one of the items we pooled our wedding cash to purchase post-wedding. It’s so easy to use, looks amazing on our counter and has the potential to be used for much more when we purchase more attachments for it. Hello, homemade pasta. 
  • Cuisinart Griddler/Panini Press. We use this a minimum of once a week. Burgers. Paninis. Pancakes. It does everything. Growing up owning a giant griddler, I know what a pain they are to store, clean and use. This one is BEYOND EASY. To switch from griddler to panini or vice versa is a few simple clicks. The plates are dishwasher safe, and the entire thing fits in a cupboard. We love that you don’t have to spray the surface with cooking oil to use. 
  • Ninja Blender. Also use this one weekly. The one we purchased came with individual cups that come in handy when Eugene is traveling, and I only wanted to make one serving. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to whip up anything. It’s easy to clean as well. 

Top 3 Home Registry Picks

  • Black & Decker drill and accessories. Whether you have an apartment or home, this will totally come in handy. We moved into a house soon after our wedding and didn’t have time to think about what we needed to get situated in the house. Luckily we already had this purchased, which made move-in that much more seamless. 
  • Apple TV. Hands down one of the best things we got from the registry (thank you, work team!). Use this every day. 
  • Step ladder. It’s already paid for itself with how much we use it. I would never be able to bring myself to purchase this on my own. It’s expensive and not a “fun” purchase, you know? Low and behold we use this all the time and saves us time and time again. 

Top 3 Camping Registry Picks

  • 4-Person Tent. Wish we got a 6-person tent because, well, why not? This one is amazing though– high ceiling, the rain fly is technically on the tent already (LOVE not installing it separately) and lots of air flow. Most importantly- it takes less than five minutes to install. 
  • Camping Foldable Chairs. These are the comfiest camping chairs our behinds have ever sat in. The case zips into the area behind your head, making it more like a pillow. One of the arm rests features a secret cooler section too. 
  • Cast iron skillet & care set. We brought this on every camping trip this year!

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