Making the Most of Candles

If you were to visit my house right now, there’s a good chance I’d be burning at least one candle. This girl is obsessed and can’t get enough of a long-lasting, good smelling candle. The obsession started when I was younger. My mom burned a few very specific Yankee Candles during the holidays. The most memorable was the “Mistletoe” candle during Christmas. It smells like Christmas in a jar and transports me right back to happiness. 

Once I moved out of my parents’ house for college, my love for candles continued. And when you’re on a budget, you’ll do anything to make the most of what you purchase, right? Check out a few tips I’ve learned so you can enjoy your candles even more.

Wick Trimmer

Get a wick trimmer. Or if you don’t have one, scissors work too. It’s so important to keep the wick trimmed for multiple reasons. It not only keeps the flame in check so it’s safer, it also reduces the black build-up within the jar. It’s fun to style the candles with the trimmer, too. 

Candle Topper

Snag a candle topper. Ever hate when your candles have lots of dips and divots around the wicks and edges? You can avoid that. A candle topper allows a nice, even burn around the entire candle. 

Take your time

Don’t blow the candle out until the top of the wax is completely liquid. For instance, if I know I only have about an hour to burn a candle, I’ll burn a smaller candle or one with more wicks. If I have more than an hour, then I’ll reach for a one-wick, larger candle. 

Steal from Anthro

Use the Anthropologie tactic. Burn a different scent in different rooms. Your nose gets used to scents easily. When you approach a new room, you’ll notice the difference in smell. When you offer new scents in each rooms, your nose will never be bored. 


Recycle those jars! Clean them out afterwards and find new uses for them. They’re great for organizing. 

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