We Bought A House! & 3-Season Room Remodel Beginning

We Bought a House!

Surprise- we bought a house a few months after our wedding! We reside in southeastern Wisconsin, close to both sets of parents. While we knew we wanted to upgrade from an apartment in the near future, we never imagined buying a house SO SOON. We casually began the house search about a month after our nuptials. After looking at maybe less than ten potential living spaces, we pulled the trigger on this one. It’s far different than what I feel most people we know are doing, which is generally a big, newer home. We opted for something smaller & cozy. Reason being we wanted to live somewhere and see how we function in a home before hopefully one day building the place of our dreams.

The Beginning of Remodeling: The 3-Season Room

Looking at potential houses to purchase, a 3-season room wasn’t a mandate. Actually, I never thought I’d own a home with one. I imagined them as a luxury that only a few people in life enjoy. Fast forward to putting an offer on our house in Southeastern Wisconsin and guess what– ours has that magical 3-season room I never thought I’d have. The room wasn’t the reason we purchased the house, but it’s obviously an amazing feature. Our house was built in the early 1900’s, and the original sunroom was simply the porch. Within the home’s history, a tenant closed the porch off to what we have today.

Eugene & I are very lucky to have purchased an older home in great shape. So much so that it was move-in ready. We technically didn’t have to do any updating. The problem, though, is that we work in an industry that applauds home improvements & upgrades. Upon move-in, my all-white powder room with traditional fixtures and silver faucetry gave me headaches– I crave contemporary and minimalist. Our guest bedroom was painted black, so you bet that was the first thing to go to become white, airy and bright. Also on our “We don’t really need to remodel anything, but we’re bored in quarantine list” was that 3-seasons room.  

Adding Victoria to the Team

If I had to update it alone, I don’t know where I would start. Do I get patio furniture? String lights? Dining table? We had no furniture that fit the vibes we wanted, so we turned to an expert. Meet Victoria Lieffring, owner of Formed Living. Victoria assisted with space design, interior design and furniture & finishes. Thank goodness she exists because I’m LOVING how this room is evolving. 

Since I’ve only lived in apartments, I never rationalized working with a designer on a space that I may leave shortly. Now that we’re settling into our first place, it was time to get professional help to make our house a home. <3 

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